Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Matt!

I'm almost a month late posting this but...Matt is officially 11 & as each year passes, I know I can't call him my baby for long (& pushing it as it is). We had a little present party at G-ma's on his b-day then went to a kids fun center the following weekend. It was raining too much so we couldn't drive the go-carts or play outside golf so we stayed inside & played golf inside in the upstairs section (just not the same), played laser tag (twice, cause I'm a sucker for his puppy eyes), spent way too many quarters on video games but he had LOTS of fun. G-ma's party pics below.
And just for the record buddy... I LOVE YOU MORE infinity & I loved you FIRST!!!!! Happy Birthday Matt!!!! I love you so very much & always will. XXXOOO

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