Friday, February 12, 2010

Precious Baby Alannah

As soon as I seen Alannah (which was 1 week before her mommy & daddy would get married & she was 1 month old), I couldn't help myself but want to take newborn pictures of her before she lost new brand-newness. It was cloudy & cold so indoor shots will have to do for now (further increasing that desire for a small indoor studio with a huge window for great natural lighting for such an occasion as this). Alannah was born Jan 3rd, little sister to Allilah, and new baby girl to TC & Shannon, CONGRATULATIONS!
Love little fingers & toes.
The next series is so adorable, my favorite of these is the last picture.
I love this one with mommy too.
Shannon runs her finger softly along Alannah's face to put her to sleep... like a charm. Is she adorable or what! Welcome to the world little one!
Personal note: When I first got my DSLR camera, Jon thought I would stop a new mother in a store & ask if I could take pictures of the baby. It cracked me up how he looked at me with concern when I seen a baby from a distance, thinking I would really do that & seemed to steer me in an opposite direction as I'm saying "AAAHHHHHH". Well, to this day, I have refrained from doing just that & know how relieved Jon must be ;) Thank you TC & Shannon, I appreciate you letting me stalk your baby & take pictures of her.

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