Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Allilah's family

This is my nephew TC, his new wife Shannon, Allilah & baby Alannah. Since the video is occupied a lot & can't be viewed at times (I think only 1 person can view at one time but not sure why video has loading problems, 1st time I posted one), I decided to post some of the pictures from their family day as another post.
This is Alannah, she is about 1 month old & I will be taking newborn pics of her this week so I'll have more pics of her soon. She is such a good girl & slept almost the entire day of these pics & the wedding day. I hope she sleeps good when I do her session cause I love sleeping baby pictures.
Here is 1 of my favorite pictures below of their wedding day. I will be posting more wedding pictures soon.

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