Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bubbles & Big girls - Emi & Abi - Redding Photography

Emi & Abi, these 2 are a couple of my favorite kiddos I get to photograph & Abi is one of my very first babies I ever photographed (Katie would come into my work to see her hubby Brandon with their baby, Abi...small world huh). Lots of special memories with this little sweetie. They have since then had Emi & what a cutie (again of course), she sure had fun in their new backyard with some bubbles in my new tub. And we finally got to use our new bubble machine Katie gave me some months ago. Here are just a few photos from that evening.
Emi has such a sweet little scrunched nose in the photo below & her head piece had a little pink veil type of tulling on the back of it, so cute. I also love the little ribbon going along the bottom of the skirt & all the special hand touches all around, What a sweet gift to her from a friend.
Katie stated after seeing the family photo above " you managed that is beyond me..." & to all of those parents out there, that should pretty much sum up the evening with some uncaptured mental images we'd rather forget huh Katie, lol. But I wouldn't change it for a thing, I love taking pictures of kids & I absolutely love this family. BTW, I think Katie is super cute as always & Brandon looked great too, I loved his smile & they both look so happy. Honestly, I would not have managed any of these photos without Katie & Brandon. A huge THANK YOU(!!!!!!!!) goes out to them.
Some ideas don't get accomplished 100% the way I envision them & that's just a fact I have to live with. The very last photo is one of those I want to fine tune but the good part is, I have a way to help others see what I see, I was really lucky to get it. The light was going down fast & the natives were getting restless, I just needed something drawn on the board so Marissa did a quicky drawing (her art teacher would flip if she seen it, lol Marissa). I love the idea though, how the lines are directing your eyes to the real family even though they're blurred in the distance, just imagine the drawing matching the actual photo scene. But hey,...It's a start, whadaya think?
All in all (lol, I say that all the time), new little walkers & almost all toddlers are as unpredictable as knowing if a wedding will go off without a hitch. So I pretty much let their moods determine the whats, the wheres & the hows, to help everything go smoother. Thank you again Katie, for believing in my ideas & thank you to both for allowing me this time in your lives....again. I already can't wait til our next session, lol.

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