Monday, October 17, 2011

Pretty Pink Perfection...

...found all by herself. I LOVE the start of Fall!!! I love working in the yard, getting the dead brush trimmed, collected & some cozy fires burning. The faint chill of damp mornings & cool afternoons, when the sun is low in the sky & you don't have to leave the property. Ahhh, yeah, it's the best. October is also my birthday month & "Think Pink" month, add that along with the fact I LOVE plants, especially flowers, my favorite color is pink,....& What are the flipping odds...?
Jon & I had been working in the front yard on Saturday (on an acre closer to the house), getting it ready for winter when we decided to go shut our driveway gate before it got dark.
As we reach the gate (which is 100 yards from the house), we spot this little pretty pink flower planted all by herself in the hard red clay. Um, where did that come from? Jon swears he didn't plant it (I believe him) & I know I didn't, so how did this pretty little thing come to be in our yard. The ground had a little bit of loose dirt from the bloom pushing out of the clay soil, it was definitely not recently planted. I immediately started to run (that means I walked super fast...for the first few seconds at least) back to the house to get my camera for a few shots while the sun was shining on it (less than 10 mins of sunlight remained) as I yelled back to Jon, answering his question..., "Yes, I'm really going to do this."
I think he questions my insanity sometimes (ok, ok, so he definitely does, all the time, lol, but we're truly doing this together). Besides, how could I miss out on this pink beauty amidst all the dead pine needles & dry grass (& dead stickers), being strong all alone, in our yard & it's pink....did I mention it's
Again I ask, What are the flipping odds?...
I'm thinking it's God (or maybe the spirit of Shane), he's thinking about me & letting me know He's always there, for all those times I might feel all alone (just like the flower was). He's showing me how precious life is & be thankful for these little things, even when they don't last long (like Shane). God's way of saying he loves me, I'm sure of it.
I don't know how long she'll stay in bloom but isn't she a bute?
Yep, Lady agrees, it's her favo color too. Another girl after my own heart. I'm going to transplant her (the flower, yep, she's a girl, cancha' tell) before winter so we don't forget she's there & something happens to her. Can't believe the critters haven't destroyed her before now, wow. Didn't think there was anything the rabbits wouldn't eat.
We're so incredibly lucky & blessed for what we have in our lives, even for cute little unexpected pink flowers we can't take credit for. I'm so glad we get reminded of that each time I see what God has given us for a view & how lucky (blessed) we truly are. We don't take it for granted, trust me, that's why I'm sharing it the only way I can.
No matter what brought this pretty little pink gift, I appreciate it very much, Thank you.....(echo)!!!

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