Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's my Birthday...Oh yeah & Bev's too!!!

So, it's Bev's & my birthday today & just for the record, Yes!, I told her "Happy Birthday" First, Again!!. She's getting slow in her old age, I keep kicking her bootay at this,....& I know, I know, I just admitted I'm getting old too, but I'm not the one in denial. She says she keeps letting me win.... Yeah Bev, that's what you would say if you didn't win. I have an extra 3 minutes more of worldly knowledge on you sis...After all, I was born 3, that's 3 (count them with me, 1-2-3) minutes before you. Like a sponge (soaking up 3 extra minutes of knowledge more than you), like a sponge, that's all I'm sayin'.
See, this is an old contest we've been running since I think we were about 20ish (& since we're only 29 now, ha ha).
Ahh yeeees, chalk one up for Ole Kimster!! Take That....Bubbles!!!! (In case you didn't know, dem deres er fightin words, yep). Maybe next year Bev, we all need something to look forward to, bring it on =D =o
The reason for the pumpkins you ask, (besides it being close to Halloween, the obvious) they were some of my gifts this year. I love the fact they're pumpkins, just started this cute little obsession & can't wait to get the real ones tomorrow night for our home pumpkin carving contest, I'll be asking friends & family for their pick of the winner so stay tuned).
The green one is made of metal, it's super light weight & a gift from the teacher of the 2nd grade class I volunteer at, how cool. That, along with a cold starbucks coffee mmmm & soup for lunch (double that previous mmmmm). I totally cried when they gave me a card, signed by the class with extra little notes of love. Thank you was hard to say out loud since I was busy getting my ugly cry on, front of all the kids.
And so much more happened too, I was an absolute emotional mess within an hour of arriving in the classroom, ha ha. I am soooo incredibly happy for these little things, you really have no idea. The other pumpkin & gourd are from Jon, he knows how cute that little pumpkin is to me. I LOVE them all, so flipping precious & that's our 2nd gourd (but still just as happy). Jon is going to finish weed whacking the front yard today, then I'll get a few photos from the sunrise tomorrow morning & post them soon (if all goes as planned). Sunrises are best in the front yard & the sunsets are the best in the back yard. We are so lucky!!
I'll also be posting my settings again, along with the how's, for my niece Amanda @ Although as you can see from her blog link, she's doing a Great job on her own, learning from Digital Photography School & applying it to what she captures (I LOVE the shoe shot on her blog). I can't wait to see her in August during her sister (another one of my nieces) Mary's wedding.
It's been a great year, a hard one in some ways but still a great one, I try to stay positive. Besides, I shouldn't complain & what good will it do, I can't stop life from happening but I did try to bring a smile or two to a few others faces, brightening their day a little. It's good for my heart (as the teacher would say) & maybe it becomes contagious. Maybe those I did good thing for this week, remembers how good it felt & they do good for the next person & the paying it forward continues. A smile is limitless, is a good thing to give & a great thing to receive. Happy Birthday to Me And Bev!! Really Bev, I Love you! I don't say that word enough.

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