Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Lucas - Redding Photography

Meet Baby Lucas, the little man in charge. Refusing to go to sleep, afraid he would miss something, he stayed awake the entire session. The photo of his eyes closed while mom was kissing him was only a second long. There are times when you have the best laid plans, all you have to do is check off your list while taking photos, then there are times like yesterday, when they all go out the window & you just go with the flow.
Simply put, I was super happy to get to see him. I hope he let mommy sleep after I left, I stayed a while hoping for him to get tired but it just wasn't to be. I could either be regretful or just wait until the next time I see him. As he grows, there are more opportunities for almost every shot we didn't get to take. I can't wait for family photos. Congratulations again Jennifer & David!

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