Friday, April 6, 2012

Our little creek

Check out those clouds dropping down in the valley yesterday. This is what we seen as we started out for a walk down to our shared creek. The sun was peaking out between the clouds as 1 went over us & I wanted to get a few shots of the creek before it rained again. I LOVE that photo, almost didn't take it. Click on it to view it larger, it's much better. It was taken with my 50mm lens on my Canon 50d body. Yes, that is my best body but that doesn't make me any less of a photographer.
Jon did not want to pose for a shot during our walk but when he walked away from the fire & stood there, I couldn't resist. We love working in the yard & I think this photo speaks volumes. It shows the growth (we see) in our park progress & the work that still needs to be done like picking up the smaller rock, etc.
This isn't just a broken McNabb Cypress, it's also one that's still alive & we thought it added character to the area so we left it least for right now.
This last one is my favorite of the creek photos, it was near the end & a little blue sky was found in the reflection. It is so peaceful to just look at it, click on the image & enjoy!!!
PS Jon always said that when we got the creek cleared out as we had imagined, it would be picture perfect. I totally agree already & we're not even half way there in this small area we're working on. This property is definitely worth retiring on, too bad this creek goes away as Spring arrives but I'm loving photographing it while it's here.

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