Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sunrise Lavender Fields - Redding, CA

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Welcome to Sunrise Lavender Fields in Redding, CA. I had the pleasure of visiting here when the Grosso lavender was fresh in bloom (it's only in bloom for 3 weeks before it's time to harvest). This visit was in mid June, right after it's one & only bloom this year.

These fields have been planted within the last couple of years and Dan & Sue constantly add more to the property, including a newly planted Labyrinth (filled with Buena Vista lavender), that's going to be incredibly gorgeous as the years go by. I hope to be taking photos of the Labyrinth during it's next bloom in August. Buena Vista blooms twice a year & completely depends on the weather, but usually it's in early Spring (end of May) & end of Summer (beginning of August).

Every bodies dreams have to start somewhere & this is just the beginning of something amazing for Dan & Sue, I can feel it. This Fall, they're planting multiple kinds of lavender in the fields to give everybody a variety to what's out there in the lavender world.

Couldn't you see this as your wedding venue, the aroma would be worth every step you took there. I could see a private, intimate, sunset (or sunrise) ceremony right in the middle of the lavender.

I can see romantic engagement photos here as well.

Can you imagine how beautiful this place is going to be in a year or two, the plants will be huge & I'll need a ladder to get a downward shot over them in no time, lol. Thank you to Sue & Dan for allowing me to capture this time at their fields, for all this information so I sound smarter (lol) & for the lemon lavender jello. It's subtle but bold at the same time, it's hard to describe, you'll have to try it for yourself. All of these photos are the Grosso (edible) lavender.

 Next year I want to try some lavender lemonade.
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