Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Little Morning Kiss of Sunshine.

Ever have those mornings where you're trying to find the positive of the day & it's only just begun? Today, I'm just simply trying to keep looking up & find the beauty that each morning can bring, so I grabbed my camera & tried to capture a little morning kiss of sunshine.

I haven't shown photos of our front yard in a while so I thought I would include a few from this morning. The first photo is of our driveway, Jon brings the rock (which the supply is plenty around here) & I stack it into a crappy rock wall (I'm not rock wall expert by any means but everything has to start somewhere), it's involved a lot of bending over & I've worn out several pairs of gloves handling the rocks. We haven't touched it since the weather warmed up & I'm glad for that now,.....since we decided to remove it completely from the driveway (now he tells me, hehe, actually it's more of my decision). I don't want to give the critters any more places to nest & hide close to the house, especially since I seen a rattlesnake a while back next to our gate. Yep, the wall is a gonner, for all the best reasons.
The photo above has some feathery / icey window, type of clouds I thought were unique & beautiful against the blue blue morning sky, so I wanted to share them with you.

These last 2 photos are of the front yard, looking out from our front porch. It does'nt show all of the flowers I've planted but I love how peaceful it feels. These were taken before 8am & look at how high in the sky the sun already is, that's why it's important to start a session by this time, to get the soft shading from the trees before the sun overwhelms them.
Ooops, the bird feeder is in need of filling, that job is never done.

Taking my camera out to capture these simple pleasures, sure makes the day look a little brighter (at least for me it does). Maybe I'll do some sunset photos tonight if those beautiful, unique clouds keep up the good work & cooperate. Keep your fingers crossed. Enjoy your day!

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