Monday, July 30, 2012

Peacock on the property - Kimberly Kester Photography

I can't believe I didn't post this back in May, that's when the white peacock hen visited the property. She walked from the 5 acres we don't frequent, towards the path that goes down to the creek....& she did just that, she walked our path down to our creek. I have only heard peacocks a few times in the few years we've been here & this was a first to see one walk like she owned the place. She was super far away, I stayed back to not freak her out & the visit was less than a few minutes from spotting her, getting my camera from the house & snapping a few photos before she was gone. Now come on, that just doesn't happen anywhere & I was super lucky she stuck around for those few minutes. I have a few more photos but she didn't do anything exciting or even walk faster than a turtle, so I picked my favorite.
Enjoy your day & enjoy the little things that you witness in your life.

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