Saturday, November 7, 2009

"We Are Family..."

Taken 11-6-09. These are my nieces & nephew. We had some fun with this little photo session so they could have updated pictures. I had so many fav pics, I couldn't choose so I included a bunch.
This is their puppy M.J. She was such a good girl during all of this but she was nervous too. I love pets & no real family photo is complete without the pets although I didn't add their two cats, OOOPS
Sam is in High School. She is growing up very fast.
I love the aged photo effect I created in the next pic.
This sunflare was generated in Photoshop but turned out really cool.
Trevor had his "girlfriend" over so he was looking as cool as he could for these photos, he already wears his hair the way his girlfriend likes and that cracked me up.
They even put on their Halloween costumes. As you will see...Trevor was my fav for posing with his swords.
Little Red Riding Hood made an appearance at the backyard playset but I have never seen anyone cuter than Kenzie. Did I mention she's also my Nike hat model. GIRL POWER
Can't hardly see M.J. in this picture but I had fun with the high ISO. We will be going to the park soon for more fun pics so I'll get to have more fun in natural light. They are all so cute so just like the pictures, I could never choose a favorite.

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