Thursday, November 5, 2009

Homework, Matt

I had a major change of plans due to me being sick so I wasn't able to do some sessions due to that. I'm so much better now & can concentrate on hoping for a visit to Oregon to see my newborn great niece Andrea after Thanksgiving. So, before each session, I review my settings on my camera, write down ideas for that specific family or individual & review my many books regarding exposure, lighting, etc so I'm not so nervous during the session. I have been doing my homework for over a month now regarding newborn photography. It's like I'm back in school. Honestly, I feel you can never know everything about photography so I keep buying books & learning all I can. Anyways, I volunteer at Matt's school as a photographer for the yearbook. This is my first year of doing this & it was Matt's idea (which touched my heart). I felt it fitting to show a picture of him in his class. He is sure growing up & will be in Jr. High next year, OMG!!! Where did all the time go. I'm lucky to get him in any soon as I pull out my camera, he makes it clear he's not there to pose by ducking, grabbing something to cover his face, running into his room, etc but I sure feel very blessed for the few pictures he does ask for. I love this little boy...Ok, I mean big boy...I mean cool dude. He is my true "Gift from God". I'll be doing another posting soon of my nieces & nephew in Redding that I took yesterday.

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