Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Nike Model

This is my niece Kenzie. She has become my new Nike hat model could happen. I bought some new hats for props & she fell in love with this one. Of course it's pink so it's my fav too. She is so cute & I had soooo much fun capturing all her cute modeling faces. When we were picking out this outfit, I kept saying each item was "fabulous" & how much fun it would be to put them all together. The hat finished the outfit. She had a blast, how often does a little girl get to wear a dress, jeans, Tinkerbell shirt & a pink beanie for pictures. I will be showing pics of her brother & sister next.
She is my little Nike model. These two are two of my favs.
Isn't she SOOOOOO cute, I think she looks like Aunt Kim could happen :)

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