Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall is here, Redding kids photography

Taken 11-8-09. I took my nieces & nephew on a trip to the park as the sun started to fall so we had a limited amount of time before the sun went away. I have forgotten what it's like to have a 3 year old & Kenzie reminded me of how they can't stand still for more than a second. Sam enjoyed a new hat of mine (stating AHHHHH, when I asked for it back) & Trevor had fun coming up with photo opportunities everywhere we went. This session was all about letting them have fun & that's definitely what we all did.
Fall is not complete without throwing colorful leaves up in the air & letting them fall all around you. So, we did. Kenzie could only get a little handful so I had Sam & Trevor throw more up for her.
These two pics were my fav of Kenzie, the one above where she's constantly on the move & the one below where she was calm enough to let me take one just before we left.
At the end of the photo session, they played on the playground, then we walked single file to the car (yeah, right). I couldn't get Kenzie to stand still for nothing but I expect that of a 3 year old. I try not to do too much posing with her cause she is off in literally seconds to another part of the park before I can shoot the picture. But I waited patiently and she rewarded me with that great pose above. You guys did great & thanks for the fun day.

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