Saturday, April 9, 2011

Alicia, Ryan & family

This is my niece Alicia, her husband Ryan, son Aiden & daughter Rose. When I took my last trip to Reno, to take photos of Kittys 90th Bday party, I stopped by Alicias in the middle of the day, (before heading back to Redding) & got a few updated photos of her family. It was an overcast day, I thought it was pretty chilly outside with a threat of rain but we made due & had a pretty fun time together.
Can't remember who got read the riot act, just glad it wasn't me lol. Then Rose put her Christmas dress on to model for the camera, she was instantly happy...funny how girls do that sometime.
Aiden has a thing for Spider Man & Justin B. So after he showed me how Spidey shoots out some web, he sang me a Justin B song, almost knew every word too, no kidding. The b&w below, he's striking a JB pose, what a cutie!
What a beautiful family, I don't mean to be biased but look at those smiles. Can't wait to see them again.
CONTEST UPDATE: TIMES ALMOST UP. If you haven't entered my FREE SESSION CONTEST, it's not too late, you have until this Sun, April 10th @ midnight. To make it easier on anybody who still wants to enter & so you don't have to go back to the contest page, just comment to this post with your name, email address (for the winner to be contacted) & why you want to win a free session. People have also asked if they can enter the contest for another person (as a gift) & the answer is Heck yeah , as long as they agree to it, Enter away. Paying it forward is so cool & I have no problem doing that at all. Getting so excited it's almost over, can't wait to hear from you, Good luck!

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