Friday, April 1, 2011

A contest as easy as pie, no April Fools!....

Mmmmmm pie! To win a free session, simply leave a comment including your full name, email address, what type of session you want to have photographed & most importantly, why you want to win my contest. CONTEST RULES: OK, I can be confusing sometimes (so Jon says) so let me clarify the rules of this contest. To win the free session, comment to this post with required info (I never display comments on my contest posts), the contest will run for 10 days & after choosing, I will post the winners name on the 11th day. The winner will have 5 days to contact me (by email or phone, or a runner up will be posted on the 6th day), the session must take place within 30 days of your name being announced, the winner will receive 2 hours of session time, @ 1 location & 10 images on a disc from your session in a 4x6 print size. See.... easy as pie. BTW, this contest is for local Northern Ca, Shasta County residents only, sorry & please only comment on my blog directly during my contests, not FB. I like to control the comments containing personal data, I'm sure you understand & appreciate it. Remember, I will post the winner on April 11th. Hope to hear from you soon & Good luck!! Contest starts now!!! PS This is no April fools joke, just a coincidence I chose today to start this contest.

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