Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Samanthas pre "American Idol" moment

I went to my niece Samanthas talent show at her school the other day so I could capture photos of her doing what she loves most, singing. People don't understand when I say I don't like to use flash due to how much it affects what's going on but this was a case where I could have used it & it would have been ok....however, I love the mood in these photos, it's like the kids are on stage, preparing for their American Idol moment. The photo above is Blake, the announcer (He did a great job) & the rest of the contestants are also included in these photos. No my niece didn't win but that's ok, she did something that a lot of adults won't even do...put themselves in the spot light, literally.
Let me help Blake out here, Introducing Samanthaaaaa......!!!!!
Below is my fav photo.
These last guys cracked me up, they weren't really part of the talent contest but incredibly funny playing music with a plastic cup on the end of PVC, I never would have put those 2 together.
I had to stand in the middle of the gym to get these photos so I'm glad they had the spot light on so not everybody could see me. I'm not brave like my daughter & Samantha, I don't like to stand in front of Anything to get the attention lol. What a fun afternoon & congrats to all the kids who found the strength to shine, it goes above winning in my book.

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