Sunday, July 4, 2010

Diane & Rob - Redding Wedding Photographer, Part I

What a wonderful day, from the temperature to the calmness of the whole day. The wedding took place on family property in Palo Cedro. There were so many shade trees, it was hard to notice the wedding took place at 1:00 in the afternoon. I worked with a 2nd shooter at this wedding, that gave us 3 (Jon also photographed with me). Jeremy worked with Diane so we joined up to take some wonderful photos for her. His flickr link is Check out his photos from this wedding, he did a great job.
The boys had matching suits for their parts in the wedding.
Gavin was not a happy camper & didn't last much longer after this photo was taken of him getting ready for the wedding. As I was getting prepared to photograph her coming down the isle after I snapped the photo below, he was sound asleep in gma's arms. Nap time waits for nobody.
Diane's dad decided to have some fun with the day & surprised her with a shot gun wedding.
This hersheys kiss has a tag that reads "IT'S A GIRL". They had these in little gift bags stuffed with tissue and pink M&M's letting their guests know they were expecting a girl. Noah made sure I was able to see it better.
I don't remember what made Diane smile so much here but it's a pretty contagious smile.
Part 2 is coming up.

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