Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finally after almost 10 years...

...and 2 kids later, Matt & Merissa will finally take the plunge & I don't mean in the water, I mean in sweat LOL! In just a few days I will be photographing their wedding & it's going to be a HOT, HOT, HOT day, temps are expected to reach 107 degrees. Ugh!!! I think we'll all be taking a dip in the kiddy pool when it's over.
Get outta here!!!
This is their little girl Jenni & her older brother Thomas.
Thomas does a great frog impression, Rrrrribbett!!
Isn't she a doll? Such a cutie, can't wait to see her pretty flower girl dress.
I try to always take something for the kids to play with, a ball, chalk, or bubbles and even a snack. I love having them play with the bubbles first cause they loosen up & the look on Jenni's face shows she liked them just fine, bubbles were popping on her adorable little cheeks.
The photo of Thomas below is for his Uncle Patrick, he's a CHP officer. Wow, you looks pretty tough, I bet your uncle will love it (& he did of course).
Look at them together, they look a lot alike, especially their mouth & nose. Jenni's gonna be a beauty like her mommy.
I love the photo above, not sure why but it's one of my favorites & the one below, she can't be any cuter.
It's funny I'm taking their wedding photos since my 2 younger kids are named Matt & Marissa. How ironic & fun all at the same time, but for confusion sake, I'm glad my kids won't be there :) See you all very soon.

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