Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chevy luvs Tori - Kimberly Kester Photgraphy

This is Tori (friend of my daughters) & Chevy. He really loves his Tori, can't you tell. I have known Tori for a few years now being my daughters friend & she enjoys horses like other people enjoy dogs & cats. She is with Chevy constantly when she comes into town & they have a special bond.
Ok, Tori really loves him back. Don't you agree?
This beautiful paint was in the coral as well & belongs to the owner of the property, these are one of my favorite breeds of horses!
I really like this b&w.
How funny I got this shot. Tori was holding onto Shamus, her moms brand new horse & Chevy started looking like Mr. Ed.
Tori & her mom both train the horses themselves & Tori has done a great job with Chevy. I know her mom is going to make a great horse out of Shamus.

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