Saturday, July 31, 2010

STOP! Check out this new family...

My photography was introduced to Jennifer through our mutual friend Amber, Jennifer recommended me to Diane for her recently posted wedding & I finally got the honor to photograph Jennifer, her husband Chuck, son Kaleb, daughter Abby & the new bundle on the way. It's funny how you get connected to the friends & family of the people who helped you become who you are today, then they get added to your favorite families. Soon you're doing a friend of a friend of a friends family photos, that's pretty awesome. We had a really long session & a lot of fun. Such a wonderful family & I'm so happy to have them to grow with.
Yes, Abby is throwing a fit, isn't it cute, (for now). It's a time in their life that doesn't last very long, if you're lucky & I think it says a lot to their current age.
I love how Jenns hands look so soft, delicate & loving craddling her perfectly round bump.
Had to include my favorite hands shot.
I LOVE this last photo & it was the last of the day. The photo is a little blurry due to me laughing but it's what Chuck did that makes me love it. I hadn't specified who I was talking to when I blerted out, "ok, now put your hand on your belly" & couldn't help but laugh when I seen Chuck put his hand on his own belly. So flipping funny.
Thanks again Jenn, Chuck (and Amber too). I can't wait til the baby comes for more photos. See you soon.

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