Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blanch is loved...

This photo makes me cry almost everytime I see it.
I would never have captured these incredibly special moments if I hadn't photographed my nephew TC's Wedding. How honored I am he recommended me, that's how I was able to photograph this 85 year surprise birthday party for Blanch. I love these emotional moments & I heard this birthday girl was going to definitely be shown some love with what their family had in store for her. Happy Birthday Blanch! Surprise!!
When I was talking to Blanchs 2 daughters regarding the details, I grew more & more excited to be a part of it. Blanch was surprised by one of her daughters driving down from WA (1st photo in this post) for dinner & 2 of her 3 sons surprising her at dinner (The other 1 was already there). In the photo above, she see's her sons entering the banquet room unexpectedly.
When they arrived back at the house after dinner, Blanch had a houseful of family & friends waiting to surprise her. I think it worked. Blanch wasn't feeling well, but she endured the large gathering like a trooper & was so happy to see each person.
You don't have to see their smiling faces to feel the love in their hearts for this woman.
Blanch would toss her head back, it was so cute. I caught her doing it in several photos. It was like she couldn't believe what she was seeing or hearing but it made her so very happy.
PERSONAL NOTE: As I previously stated, she wasn't feeling well during her party so she went to the doctor & taking tests so please pray for Blanch.
Again, what an honor to be there for these memories to be captured. I had so much fun & felt like I was part of a wonderful day for this incredible woman. Thank you all for that & hope you enjoyed reliving the day.

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Janet Mcleod said...

Kimberly, thank you so much for taking the wonderful pictures!! So sorry I haven't told you sooner, but with Mom being ill it's been tough! Unfortunatly we recieved bad news about Mom, she has lung cancer(stage 4)still waiting to get her into an Oncologist. Denise came back into town today, so when I see her i will share the disc of wonderful memories you created for us!! It's great, and thank you for making the music slide show! What a wonderful time we had and you captured it all!! Thank you again, and if anyone needs a photographer I will be sending them your way!!!

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