Sunday, July 11, 2010

TC, Thank you can never be enough - Redding Photography

Remember these happy faces?
I truly have great friends & family who tell others about my passion & why they should call me. I am truly & sincerely honored & blessed for that. So as a way to reward this positive behavior, I have decided to post some pictures TC may not have received on his disc. These were photos from a day at the park we had planned as a gift for Shannon for Mother's Day. Due to the quantity of photos I often take, I can't process all of them (of course) & since their session was during my past technical rants, I wanted to review them again, to see if there were any photos I may have missed & found these gems. Couldn't resist sharing them.
This is the least I can do TC, Thank you can never be enough. Enjoy!
Did you think a smile could get bigger than that?...
You can see the smile even behind the pacifier. And LOVE that tongue!
These next pictures aren't new to TC & some were included in Shannons wall collage. Love this first one, what a sweet princess expression.
Allilah has a classic beauty with the blue eyes & rosey lips. Almost porcelin like.
Allilah loved the tire swing, so the photo below is one I took of her almost eye level to me while I was standing up as she spun around in the air on the swing, with a huge smile. That would have freaked out most kids but not this little dare devil. She was going by so fast & high, it took me a couple of tries to finally get a cool & unusual angle.
Alannah was so tired & soon got hungry but I managed to get some absolutely adorable pictures of her. These photos bring back nice memories of a fun day with my newphew, great nieces & my own kids. TC has recently sent me a picture of Alannah & she is getting big fast. And of course I know they do, that's why I love photographing them, kids are some of my favorite models, they do silly things, have a great time no matter what & never stop growing & changing. You can even imagine how little they are, when you see just their face, all bundled up.
Hope to see you all again soon, before Alannah gets potty trained would be nice :)
TMI, sorry

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