Thursday, August 18, 2011

More of Emily, with her family!!

This is my nephew Adam, his wife Jenifer & you remember my little obsession Emily?! (She says Hi, lol) Isn't she such a cutie pie....I thought I would create a new post, instead of adding these photos at the end of the previous one.
She has the most beautiful blue eyes, they're her daddys eyes. I seen a photo of Jen when she was a baby & Emily looks just like her except the eyes.
All that fun made the model a little sleepy,...with a little some'in some'in for the belly, it's time for a little shut eye.
I love her bedding.
I love capturing these cherished routines that will change almost every 6 months, they are missed dearly when they grow out of them, especially the naps, lol. Yep, a girl after my own heart.

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