Saturday, August 13, 2011

My little obsession - Emily Ann

This is my extremely adorable 6 month old (approx) great niece Emily Ann. Remember, she's the one named after me (my middle name is Ann. See, named after me yep) & after seeing her today, it's confirmed....she's just as moody as I am too, especially we're tired, lol. I sure had a fun time with her today & I hope to never overstayed my welcome, I'm surprised Jen didn't kick me out sooner. Here are a few of my favs. I hope to have some up on my Kimberly Kester Photography Facebook page soon. If you haven't come by to like my page, please do, even if you're already a ppff (personal page facebook friend, ha ha, just made that up). Well, enjoy my little obsession!!
The photo above she looks like she has something really important to tell you but she just caaaaan't get it out & I can't miss that lip at this age, it doesn't work anymore when you have your own kids. Yep Jen, that means you, lol! Emilies got you on this one...
Yep, from her wrinkley nose to her clamped toes on the high chair, she's the cutest thing to me. I love getting out my baby photo fix on such a cutie & it's what Jen see's everyday but will miss as she gets older, she just doesn't know how much yet.
She's such a happy baby, the hard part is catching it on camera, let me tell you, she's not that easy. As soon as I put that big black thing up to my face, the smile goes away. I get the biggest smiles when she see's me, I think the trick is putting the camera on a tripod & use my remote shutter while giving her neck some kisses. She'll get to see me outside of the lens & I'll get those smiles. I'll try it next time I do the pics & we'll get to see the difference.
The photo below looks like she got her hand caught in the cookie jar or heard something she wasn't supposed to hear. I love this photo.
Yeah, I'm a little obsessed with my great niece but do you blame me? I already can't wait to see her again, even when she feels a little split in her personality...Aunt Kim knows how she feels, after all....she's an Ann. She'll be cracking herself up in no time, ha ha!!
PS. I just took some photos of Emily last month but haven't shown them yet, I will add them here in the future so check back. Anyways, when I seen all my photos from our first newborn session all over the walls, I tried not to focus on it so I didn't get emotional in front of them....Jon would be so proud, lol. I noticed them again today but kept my composure, it reminded me to say how much I Loved seeing that. It makes me so happy to see people putting up collages or my photos up on their walls. Thank you Adam & Jen for giving me that good feeling again.

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