Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who's smarter than a 2nd grader?

School started for my kids this past Monday so I decided to show up at the teachers classroom that I have photographed for the past couple of years & take some photos on their first day for a change (& honestly because I was waiting for my own kids to get out of school so I didn't have to take the long trip back & forth to get them). I usually thought it would be too hectic on the first day, that's why I've never done it before but in fact I think things turned out pretty well. I'm not sure if it happens to everybody but I got a little hooked the first day & had to go back for more, now I've decided to volunteer a couple of days each week for more than just photography. Thank goodness it's only a 2nd grade class cause I wasn't able to help out much when I would volunteer for Matthews 5th grade teacher a couple of years ago...Who's smarter than a 5th grader, not me that's for sure, lol. I really stink at math, always have, I'm sure I always will & I'm living proof if you don't use it, you loose it. I also didn't know Egypt was located in Africa....I know I'm telling everybody how stupid I felt when the teacher told me it was but I honestly thought it was over by Italy for some reason. Alright, so math wasn't the only thing I was bad at, lol.
Anyways, there's a sweet girl that has shown signs of needing one-on-one help especially with reading & how can I just look the other way. It was different when I would visit their class, take a few photos then leave but now...I've gotten personally involved & I miss the kids already. They seem to really like me being there to help as well but they're 2nd graders, they haven't gotten "tired" of moms hanging out in their classroom yet & besides, I'm not a mom to any of them so I think they view me differently. Anyhooo, I'm having a great time & still getting my photography kick fulfilled. You won't be seeing any of their photos on my blog though (except for these two), this is done for volunteer purpose & I respect their privacy. I did realize one thing though, more parents need to volunteer at schools & not just for the field trips. The kids love seeing their parents & the teachers could sure use the help, even if it's one day a month, your kids are worth it. I wish I could have done it more when my kids were younger, instead of working 8-5 & it hurts cause I can't get that time back.

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