Thursday, September 24, 2009

Abi cakes

This is Abi. She is a precious little thing that was so cute I couldn't keep from photographing her. I'd take her picture just about each time I seen her & she grew as my photography grew. Time sure flies.
I love this photo of mommy & me. I love everything about it, the tinting, Abi's face, how little she is, how Katie is holding & soothing her...Everything!
She had a little cold, look at her cute little red nose.
One of my favs of the day. I love people in black & white & she is so cute to begin with, it's hard not loving every picture...which I do.
She fakes to the right. Look out in about 15 more years when she wants the keys to the real car.
Told you she's such a cutie. I hope to get more time with her as she grows.

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