Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kyle & Jessie - Redding Wedding Photographer

Taken May 2009. This is Kyle & Jessie. What a fun couple that now has a military life to lead. Kyle was being shipped to another state in about a month after the wedding & it was amazing how the mother & father of the groom pulled this day together to give them the best quickest wedding they could. The best memories during a wedding are pictures of romance & love during a wedding so Dennis & Gidget pulled off the details such as location (backyard), food (mostly family prepared), the wedding night hotel get away & so many more things, WOW! All Kyle & Jessie had to bring was the words of love & they did. Great memories. She made her own veil.
It was CRAZY hot this mid May weekend & the setting sun seemed so far away.
He see's his bride. Such a special moment to capture.
LOVE THIS PHOTO! This was after he kissed her during the ceremony, he couldn't stop kissing her, it was so precious.
The Ring! Traditionally, I heard women gather together shortly after the wedding to view the ring. I thought it was a wise tale until I seen it for myself, no matter the size of the ring, the love is shown in how it's displayed.
Kyle's grandpa welcoming his new grand-daughter.
What I didn't tell you was that 2 baby ducks flew into the yard from out of nowhere just before the ceremony started. They kinda stole the attention but the bride doesn't mind. She couldn't stop holding or kissing it through the evening. I didn't hear of any mishaps so she must have been very blessed.
The first dance.
This was a beautiful cake the grooms family made. White chocolate leaves covered the cake, it was gorgeous.
You had to be there for what the groom said here as he was preparing to feed her a very large piece of cake. Funny stuff & I couldn't show you what happened next, lots of icing was involved.
This next grouping was cute cause he was trying hard to make her smile when you can see she was truly never mad.
Started getting dark & the bride is glowing. It was just starting to cool down & starting to enjoy the evening with friends & family.
They were such a happy, fun couple. They enjoyed every moment of their day.
One of their photo requests was a picture under the willow tree. It turned out great.
What a day, it was one of Redding's hottest weekends so far in mid May. This was my first experience in this wedding setting & wouldn't have missed it for the world. What a nice loving couple that I pray continue to grow together in love, Good Luck.

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