Saturday, September 26, 2009

Salah & Micah's day at the park

Taken July 2009. Salah & Micah have grown fast since the last photo shoot & I'll say that with each posting of them. We went to the park this day before they went off to swim lessons. Cousin Cameron was there as well & hope to post his fun, happy, giggly pictures soon. So keep watching for them cause they are so cute. Too many to show so I had to choose my favorites. Micah is such a happy baby & Salah is such a cutie.
Salah is growing up so fast & loves to look at her pictures on my camera during the sessions. I love seeing her response. She is such a cutie & I love taking her pictures. Thanks Amber for letting me visit & capture your angel.
Micah is such a happy baby. He makes everybody smile, such a happy little guy.
Such a beautiful & smart little angel. Both of them. They are growing up so fast.
Hope to see you soon!

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