Thursday, September 24, 2009

Salah & Abi's Easter Celebration

Taken March 2009. This is Salah & Abi's Easter Celebration. These cousins are so cute together. I already posted some on just Abi's pictures on another post so there will be duplicates of some of them. These pictures are of both of them together. How fast they grow, just view the other posts to see how big they are now. This was daddy's play car when he was little. They transformed it into a little princess wagon with pink flower headlights. She loved playing in it.
I roped mommy Katie into being in a few photos with Abi. Abi had 2 wardrobe changes with 2 beautiful dresses & I wanted Katie to be in some of the pictures so they could have more mommy & me memories. I love how Abi has her hand on Katie's arm in picture below.
This is Salah in her light white & pink layered, beautiful pink flowers, sheer prettiness dress.
Such little cuties, I hope for another Easter to show a year to year growth of these two.

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