Saturday, September 12, 2009

Landscape, Our Property & Nature

The following pictures are of our property & goes through the year since receiving my DSLR digital camera (beginning Sept 2008 just before it got chilly). This first one was taken in Sept 2008 & I submitted it to a local photo contest. I won the daily photo & was very happy it was selected. I was then entered into a weekly contest (of Mon-Thurs winners) then it would go to quarterly contest. I was up against a lightning photo & they almost always win the contest, was fun entering though. I won an 8x10 enlargement of my photo.November brush burns to clean up the property. Little Missy is hanging with daddy.Backyard sunset in November.Dec 2008, Our first snow on the property. I had to take advantage of all the new photo opportunities that will only last a day or two. Our first fog Jan 2009, love how the distant trees look. During our first Winter on the property (Jan 2009), we are clearing out the brush the best we can before the rains come. I love this "before" picture. As of right now Oct 2009, some poles have been set for fencing in front area of yard, we've planted about 20 trees such as doug firs, redwoods, weeping willows, a flowering pear, some hedges & have much more to go. I will be taking another picture of what it looks like now soon.
This photo is during a storm that was supposed to blow through quickly, it looks like somebody is literally blowing it North away from the Anderson valley. This photo is a view to the left of above picture. God is truly amazing.
Landscape & Nature throughout Shasta County
Mt. Lassen
Mt. Shasta

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