Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Amber, Brandon, Salah, Micah - Redding Family Photographer

Taken Jan 2009. From top left going clockwise is Amber, Brandon, Salah, Molly (puppy) & Micah. I enjoy doing pics of home environments, it's memories you have more than others cause you're in it everyday. I met Amber due to working with her wonderful mom at my previous job. I fell in love with her kids & once again, she has encouraged my photography passion. Thank you to the entire family for letting me join in on their family day & capture some great beginning photographs. I had the pleasure of taking more pictures of the kids since this session & you will see how the kids have grown & so has my photography. Amber, you are a wonderful woman & I'm so blessed to have met you.
This is one of my two fav pics of the day. I love to show the size difference of the hands & feet. Babies grow so fast & to show how little they started out is very cool.
Love the tongue.
Molly dog is so cute, she loved the attention & I loved giving it as well. What a precious puppy.
This was my 2nd fav picture of the day. I love little piggy toes. I had so much fun & glad to capture these little things.

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